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Beatport Top 100 Deep House June 2020 Beatport Top 100 Deep House June 2020
Deep House / Dj Charts 17-06-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Beatport Top 100 Deep House June 2020
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Ellen Allien AurAA Charts Ellen Allien AurAA Charts
Techno / Dj Charts 16-06-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Ellen Allien AurAA Charts
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Ellen Allien – Confusion (Original Mix) (4:19)
Regal (ES) – Anhedonia (Original Mix) (5:14)
Dax J – Scope (Original Mix) (6:50)
Ellen Allien – Walking in the Dark (Original Mix) (5:09)
Heidi Sabertooth – Dark Adaptation (Original Mix) (8:00)
Benjamin Damage – Deep Space Transit (Original Mix) (7:20)
Cadency – I Burn You (Original Mix) (6:20)
Ellen Allien – In Music I Trust (Original Mix) (4:36)
Karenn – On Request (Original Mix) (7:03)
Ellen Allien – Hello Planet Earth (Original Mix) (7:27)

Exclusives Only: Week 25 Exclusives Only: Week 25

Artist: VA
Title: Exclusives Only: Week 25
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, Techno, Tech House, Drum & Bass, Minimal / Deep Tech, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Charlotte De Witte – Sgadi Li Mi (Original Mix) (6:24)
Illyus & Barrientos, Lizzie Nightingale – Body Movement (Extended Mix) (5:26)
DJ T. – Next Stop Konstantinopel (Original Mix) (6:46)
Mella Dee – Sidney Street (Original Mix) (5:23)
dOP – Heart Signs (Chaim Remix) (6:15)
Thematic – TDM (Original Mix) (4:11)
Ramon Tapia – TheCommon (Original Mix) (6:00)
David Herrero – I Can See You On The Floor (Extended Mix) (6:11)
Joran van Pol – Derelict (Original Mix) (6:31)
Agoria, Blasé – 3 Letters (Stereocalypse Remix) (6:14)
Cj Jeff, Thomas Gandey – The Trip (Jerome Sydenham Extended Remix) (6:09)
Booka Shade & Eli & Fur – To the Sea (Einmusik Remix) (7:32)
Adiel – ESRR (Original Mix) (6:13)
aBLe – Lacura (Original Mix) (5:01)
Miane – Nanai (Extended Mix) (6:30)
Hannes Bieger, Juan Hansen – Burn Your Love (Original Mix) (7:38)
Hector Couto – Fat Cut (Original Mix) (5:55)

Gene Farris “So Dope” Chart Gene Farris “So Dope” Chart
Tech House / Techno / Dj Charts 14-06-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Gene Farris "So Dope” Chart
Genre: Tech House, Techno, DJ Tools
Quality: 320 kbps

Gene Farris – So Dope (Original Mix) (6:11)
Gene Farris – Space Girl (Original Mix) (5:30)
AYAREZ – Turn Around (Original Mix) (5:22)
Space Jump Salute – Do It (Original Mix) (6:18)
Gene Farris – Nursery (Extended Mix) (5:11)
Eyes Everywhere – What’s Your Name (Extended Mix) (5:04)
Claude VonStroke, Marc Houle – Fly Guy (Original Mix) (6:28)
ATFC, Gene Farris – Spirit of House (Extended Mix) (5:30)
DJ E-Clyps – Scooty Woop (Original Mix) (5:15)

Adam Port Romantica Charts Adam Port Romantica Charts

Artist: VA
Title: Adam Port Romantica Charts
Genre: Indie Dance, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno, Afro House
Quality: 320 kbps

Yeah But No – Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix) (5:41)
Good Guy Mikesh, Reznik (DE) – The Moon Landing Was a Hoax (Area 51 Infinite Mix) (7:53)
Adam Port – White Noise Romantica (Original Mix) (7:41)
Till Von Sein – Graceland (Original Mix) (6:45)
Jonathan Kaspar – CHI (Original Mix) (8:52)
Alinka – Running To You (Original Mix) (7:01)
Marc Romboy – Unreal Sun (Original Mix) (7:34)
Roe Deers – June (Original Mix) (5:45)
DJ City – City of Sex (Original Mix) (5:43)
Frank Wiedemann – Themroc (Original Mix) (6:55)


Artist: VA
Genre: Progressive House, Deep House, Leftfield House & Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Electronica, House
Quality: 320 kbps

Qrion, Mars Kasei – Mars (Original Mix) (4:51)
Steven Hays – Somebody (Solanca Extended Mix) (7:21)
And.ID – Player (Original Mix) (8:18)
Robert Babicz – Starchild (Morttagua Remix) (9:06)
Lake Avalon – Sunrise (VNTM Remix) (7:19)
Dosem – Comeback (Original Mix) (6:16)
Guido Cusani – Phonogene (Original Mix) (7:28)
Warung – Salience (Original Mix) (6:37)
Zoo Brazil – Dance With Me (Extended Mix) (7:32)
Because of Art – The Warehouse (Original Mix) (7:03)
BOg – Corso (Original Mix) (7:30)
Sudhaus, The Wash – Meridian (Solid Stone Remix) (7:44)
James Solace – Setting Sun (Original Mix) (6:48)
Scuba – Never Forget (Effy Remix) (6:52)
Dosem – It’s All Relative (Original Mix) (6:12)
Nocow – Soder (Original Mix) (5:52)
Rodriguez Jr. – Blisss (Original Mix) (6:46)
Kasper Koman – Hi (Cid Inc. Remix) (8:07)
James Trystan – Project X (Several Definitions Remix) (6:00)
Bicep – Atlas (Original Mix) (5:52)
Marco Bailey EXIT LOCKDOWN! Chart Marco Bailey EXIT LOCKDOWN! Chart
Techno / Electronic / Dj Charts 10-06-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Marco Bailey EXIT LOCKDOWN! Chart
Genre: Techno, Electronica
Quality: 320 kbps

JP Enfant – Deep State (Original Mix) (3:57)
Marco Bailey, David Schwarz – Blaze (Original Mix) (5:05)
Phara – Primrose Gold (Original Mix) (5:50)
Marco Bailey – Firefight (Original Mix) (5:35)
Sterac – P909 (Original Mix) (6:29)
The Advent – This Is Not (Original Mix) (3:28)
Marco Faraone – No Filter (Original Mix) (5:21)
Primal Code – Tridimensionale (Original Mix) (6:57)
Claudio PRC – RE7 (Original Mix) (5:57)
Marco Bailey, David Schwarz – Enter Galaxy (Original Mix) (3:08)

Luca Agnelli Rolling chart Luca Agnelli Rolling chart
Techno / Electronic / Dj Charts 10-06-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Luca Agnelli Rolling chart
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Electronica
Quality: 320 kbps

Luca Agnelli – Rolling (Original Mix) (7:12)
Simulade – Ellisse (Original Mix) (6:17)
Tim Tama – Designed 4DA Mind (Original Mix) (6:45)
MRD – whiteflower (Original Mix) (7:40)
Arthur Robert – Kaleidoscope (Original Mix) (6:18)
Michael Klein – Inspiration (Luca Agnelli Remix) (7:41)
NN – Corporate Supremacy (MRD Remix) (7:12)
Blicz – Great Earthlings (Original Mix) (6:44)
Alignment – Automatic Control (Original Mix) (5:35)
Slam, Obscure Shape, SHDW – Strategy 1 (Slam Vs Obscure Shape & SHDW) (6:04)

Bart Skils’ Junction 2 Drumcode chart Bart Skils’ Junction 2 Drumcode chart

Artist: VA
Title: Bart Skils’ Junction 2 Drumcode chart
Genre: Electronica, Techno, Indie Dance
Quality: 320 kbps

Bart Skils – Settle in the Sun (Original Mix) (6:45)
La Fleur – Stalker (Original) (6:55)
Skream – DUNNN (Original Mix) (6:49)
Bart Skils – Tropical Heat (Original Mix) (6:49)
Weska – Lyrebird (Original Mix) (6:32)
Humano – Death (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) (6:09)
KMYLE – Equator (Original Mix) (4:45)
Woo York – Dancing With Sirens (Original Mix) (6:08)
Victor Ruiz – Existence (Original Mix) (7:52)
Thomas Hessler – Pearl (Original Mix) (5:47)

Wlad – Full Squad EP + Rich NXT remix [HDZDGT17] Wlad – Full Squad EP + Rich NXT remix [HDZDGT17]
Minimal / Dj Charts 10-06-2020

Artist: Wlad
Title: Full Squad EP + Rich NXT remix
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: hedZup records
Quality: 320 kbps

Wlad – Ride Ya Way (Original Mix) (7:06)
Wlad – Straight To Abu (Original Mix) (7:00)
Wlad – Full Squad (Original Mix) (6:15)
Wlad – Full Squad (Rich NxT Remix) (7:30)

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